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New York City’s Popular Online Tree Map Gets a Big Update


Wat is dit gaaf. New York heeft een populaire online kaart van de bomen in de stad, waar op te zien is waar bijzondere exemplaren staan, wat hun verhaal is, en een inschatting van de economische en maatschappelijke waarde per boom. Zijn dit soort databases er ook in NL?

‘Near the Tennis House in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park grows a magnificent white oak that stands out for its impressive stature, with a trunk that’s nearly four feet wide. But the massive tree does more than leave visitors in awe. It also provides a slew of ecological benefits, absorbing some 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide and intercepting nearly 9,000 gallons of stormwater each year, according to city data. It also removes pollutants from the air and help the the city conserve enough energy to power a one- or two-bedroom apartment for roughly two months.

In economic terms, just that one tree contributes more than $550 each year.’

Via Nature Desks

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