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⌛️Time to Embrace Slow Productivity ⏳


Weer een lekker voornemen in de categorie niet meer maar minder: langzamer werken…

Lees dit mooie artikel in the New Yorker!

Als we het hebben over werkdruk gaat het vaak over het aantal uren, zowel onze echte werkweek of het aantal uren dat we overwerken of online beschikbaar zijn…

Maar we kunnen misschien ook wel meer rust vinden binnen ons werk:

“The issue in this evolution is not how many hours you’re now asked to work but the volume of work you’re assigned at any one time.

Humans are uniquely adept at crafting long-term strategic plans for accomplishing objectives. Our facility with planning, however, falters when confronting an in-box stuffed with hundreds of messages and a task list that fills multiple pages. When there’s too much for us to imagine actually completing, we short-circuit our executive functioning mechanisms, resulting in a feeling of anxious unease.

In this context, Slow Work-style efforts to simply reduce official work hours might actually make matters worse, as they do little to mitigate the stress of overload. What we need is a movement to reduce the volume of work that is assigned to us in the first place—a movement I call Slow Productivity.

The autonomy that defines the professional lives of those who toil in front of computer screens has led us into a trap of excessive work volume. We cannot escape this trap by expanding the weekend. We must ultimately brace ourselves for the larger challenge of slowing down the pace of the workday itself.”

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