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Regeneration van Paul Hawken


“Our planet is telling us a story. Vital connections have been severed between human beings and nature, within nature itself, and between people, religions, governments, and commerce.

This disconnection is the origin of the climate crisis; it is the very root—and it is where we discover solutions and actions that can engage all people, regardless of income, race, gender, or belief.

We live on a dying planet—a phrase that may have sounded inflated or over the top not long ago. The earth’s biological decline is how it adapts to what we are doing. Nature never makes a mistake. We do.

The earth will come back to life no matter what. Nations, peoples, and cultures may not. If putting the future of life at the heart of everything we do is not central to our purpose and destiny, why are we here?

Regeneration means putting life at the center of every action and decision. It applies to all of creation—grasslands, farms, people, forests, fish, wetlands, coastlands, and oceans—and it applies equally to family, communities, cities, schools, religion, cultures, commerce, and governments.

Nature and humanity are composed of exquisitely complex networks of relationships, without which forests, lands, oceans, peoples, countries, and cultures perish.”

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