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Zionism’s Political Unconscious

Mikki Jazeker
Nov 18

"“From the river to the sea” is “threatening” and “intimidating” speech; it is a call to “genocidal violence.” Perhaps such interpretations are revealing in ways those voicing them cannot quite hear—or admit.


As Gaza is decimated by what can only be described as carpet bombing; as medicine, food, water, and fuel are running out; as hunger, thirst and communicable diseases spread; as hospitals are bombed, invaded, collapsed, and the health care system as a whole is on the brink of total disintegration; and with over 11,000 Palestinians killed, over 27,000 injured, close to half of whom are children, the mainstream press, university administrations, politicians, and some national Jewish organizations are fixated on the purported threat contained in those words, chanted at peaceful demonstrations around the country and the world. Only last week, Columbia University suspended two student organizations. Gerald Rosberg, Senior Vice-President and the Chair of the recently established “Special Committee on Campus Safety”, justified the suspension of Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace on the grounds that they had held an “unauthorized” event. But that was not all: the demonstration on the steps of Low Library “included threatening rhetoric and intimidation.” What was he referring to? “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” he informed the students, is “a call for genocide.”"

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