Why Mohi?

We live in a world with abundance of information and distractions. In today’s world we see hundreds of self-centered social posts and we remember none. The movie ‘Social Dilemma’, directed by Jeff Orlowski, unveils an impressive list of interviewees, comprising prominent Silicon Valley masters largely responsible for shaping our digital lives. The film shows how we are constantly bombarded with new options and triggers to keep us hooked and addicted, controlling how we spend our time. How you spend your days is how you spend your life. ‘If we continue to spend our days merely consuming random experiences, we will continue to feel like a scattered consumer’ (David Brooks, ‘The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life’).

Besides all the random noise, our western culture has begun to embrace a hyper-individualistic way of life that has been taken to the extreme and is producing its own crisis. Modern hero David Brooks describes in his book how our society has become a conspiracy against joy. It has put too much emphasis on the individuating part of our consciousness and too little on the parts that are actually bonding, leading to a shocking rise of mental illness and suicide, particularly among teenagers. Hyper-individualism can lead to a society where people are more disconnected from each other.

Is the Mohi community going to solve all of this? Probably not. It’s unreal to expect that we will live in a world without social apps on our phones. It’s time for a transition to something slower with more focus on less. Something that is centered around exchanging beautiful content experiences to bridge and strengthen actual relationships and inspire creativity. It’s time for the first global ‘Slow-Media’ platform combined with social activities to foster meaningful connections. ‘Slow Media advocates for alternative ways of making and using media that are more intentional, more enjoyable, longer lasting, better researched/written/designed, more ethical, and of higher quality overall’ (Wikipedia). 

With Mohi we want to create a platform where users can remove the clutter and build a space where they can organize a selection of their most enjoyable content experiences and share the absolute highlights with their inner circle. It’s the digital Marie Kondo experience!

Mohi has been developed in 2021 in Amsterdam, soon to be launched across the globe